Working to grow a resilient local food system

The Riverside Food Systems Alliance (RFSA) supports local food and agriculture for a healthier community. We promote education, networking and advocacy for a resilient “food system”; that is, everyone and everything involved in the flow of nutritious food from regional farms to Riverside tables.

Each of us has stake in the food system. RFSA member stakeholders share a commitment to land use that grows local food for local consumption. Our members include new and seasoned farmers; educators; food professionals; conservation professionals; urban and environmental health administrators; institutional buyers; Riverside city, county, and water district representatives; nonprofit, not-for-profit, and private sector entrepreneurs; residents and community organizers. Your RFSA membership partners you in efforts to sustain a strong farming economy and a vibrant food ecology.

What does all this mean then, at the working level? Our multi-stakeholder partnership designs food policies and programs that train farmers, strengthen local supply chains, increase local food access, reduce waste, and educate the public. RFSA successes include:

  • The Riverside Food and Agriculture Policy Action Plan officially adopted by the City of Riverside (2014);
  • The annual GrowRIVERSIDE Conference, with year-round workshops and community events (since 2015);
  • A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to participate in the Invest Health Initiative ( (2016);
  • A pilot food hub through Riverside Unified School District (2017); and
  • A regional food rescue and waste prevention pilot program funded by the California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (2018).