Working to grow a resilient local food system

Our Mission: To establish and grow a resilient and productive local food and agriculture system that provides a year round supply, supports community involvement, and enables profitable enterprises for farmers and allied businesses while providing for the needs of the community and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Founded in 2014, the Riverside Food Systems Alliance is an array of community organizations, businesses, farmers, and governmental and nonprofit partners introducing new ways to encourage local food production and consumption. RFSA’s first task was creating the Riverside Food Policy Action Plan, completed in March 2015, that proposes steps to improve the “food system,” or production, processing, distribution, access, consumption, and disposal of food.

Implementing the Riverside Food Policy Action Plan means:

  • strengthening community and regional food systems;
  • increasing opportunities to purchase and grow healthy food;
  • increasing access to healthy local food for all Riverside residents;
  • mitigating negative environmental and ecological impacts;
  • encouraging use of renewable energies and minimizing water and energy waste;
  • stimulating demand for healthy foods, especially in low-income communities; and
  • creating opportunities for economic development, promoting new jobs and businesses.

Our proposals require a social commitment to a host of individual actions. We welcome your participation to find that inspired mix of policies, funding, research, incentives, education, and encouragement that opens up opportunities for creativity and innovation. A re-thinking of our food system at the local level can have profound impacts on our community, our planet, and our healthier lives!